Extended Family Annual Subscription Bundle

From: $80.00 / year


  •     Exclusive online access to monthly beer releases
  •     Quarterly Cellar Sales
  •     1 Bottle of Supreme Clientele our Exclusive Fruited Farmhouse Ale
  •     10% off at the Casey Brewing Glenwood Taproom (see TAPROOM details)
  •     10% discount for monthly MAXOUT purchases
  •     5% discount on the curated BREWERS BOX 
  •     2 Exclusive Family Reunions at the Barrel Cellar – Vintage Sale, Prizes, Magnums!
  •     FRESH 4pk of our IPA & Lagers on the shop (see FRESH details)
  •     Exclusive Membership ONLY beers
  •     Special pickup Beer Menu available at our Barrel Cellar
  •     Access to our virtual Sour Hour – virtual member session with Troy and Emily
  •     6 month beer storage from date of purchase
  •     Private Facebook page for Members 
  •     Membership glass available with purchase of our Fan Package 
  •     Membership hat and glass available with purchase of our Premier Package
  •     All beers and merchandise available through the website will be sold on a first-come, first-served basis.
  •     Beer pick-up by you or anyone else (member or not), with at least 24 hour’s notice, on allowed dates, with proper info. 


  • Classic Casey Membership – Supreme Clientele Bottle (no glassware) 
  • Fan Package – Supreme Clientele Bottle + SC glassware  
  • Premier Package – Supreme Clientele Bottle + SC glassware + SC hat

EF Membership Subscription Product

Payment info will be charged annually from the date of original purchase.

We will send out a reminder email of your upcoming renewal 3 weeks and 3 days prior to your renewal.

$80.00 / year

Exclusive Supreme Clientele Hat

Exclusive Supreme Clientele Glassware