Vintage Everything Funky Blender Experience


The first time we brewed Funky Blender was in 2016. The flavors were so different than anything else we’d tasted at the time but still distinctly Casey. Funky Blender is a tart Farmhouse ale made with 100% Colorado ingredients. We increased the gravity and added more hops later in the process. Most importantly we added special yeast strains to our complex house culture which creates the funk in this beer. Funky Blender is fermented and aged in vintage oak wine barrels for months and then naturally bottle conditioned. It’s been a staple blending component ever since. In this Experience, we’ll start with the first blend and work our way through different iterations and fruit varieties.

Experience Bottle Lineup:

8/25/16 – Funky Blender – Batch 1

6/29/20 – Funky Blender

7/26/17 – Funky Blender – Apricot 

4/5/17 – A SIDE  

4/5/17 – B SIDE 

7/26/18 – Funky Blender Preserves – Cherry – Danube

5/9/17 – The Mix – Funky Blender – Cherry  


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